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Author of the Week – A Guest Post by Lynsey James

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Welcome to Luna Bay

My second novel The Broken Hearts Book Club is set in a gorgeous little place called Luna Bay. It’s a village on the Yorkshire coast and throughout the book it becomes a character in its own right. So I decided to do a post all about Luna Bay and why I love it so much.

I love a good setting in a book. My favourite one, I Remember You by Harriet Evans, is set in a beautiful village called Langford. It stole my heart immediately with its stone cottages, water meadows and quirky residents… I’ll stop before I go into a daydream. Another one I love is Glen Avich in Daniela Sacerdoti’s books.  When I read Watch Over Me, I loved the place so much that I decided to Google it and see if it was real. Imagine my disappointment when it wasn’t!

When I sat down to write my second novel, I knew I wanted to do something a bit different with the setting. My first book Just the Way You Are was set in Manchester, which is an amazing city, but I really wanted the challenge of creating a world from scratch. I wanted somewhere readers could escape to and lose themselves in, like I’d done with so many books before. So I started dreaming up a beautiful location for Lucy’s story to take place in. Before I even started working on The Broken Hearts Book Club, I pictured where The Purple Partridge and the Moonlight Café would be and where Lucy’s beloved Rose Cottage would sit. For me, that really helped the story come alive in my head.

Creating Luna Bay was one of the best parts of writing The Broken Hearts Book Club. I started with a blank canvas that I could put my own stamp on and ended up with a place brimming with life and characters that I loved spending time with. Setting your story in a fictional place definitely has its advantages. There’s nothing to get right specifically because the whole place and everything about it is in your head. You can create the ambience, the look and the feel of the place. If you want to have a sweet shop next to a dry-cleaner’s, that’s completely up to you! Don’t get me wrong, it can be hard too. On more than one occasion when I was writing, I made characters magically teleport places that were miles away from where they’d just been. When you’ve got a whole story to think about, sometimes you can forget if you put the pub next to the beach or on the hill but eventually it becomes second nature!

Luna Bay, for me, is a place full of stories. As I wrote Lucy’s story, a lot of other ones started to come to the fore and these really made the place come alive.  Although it was Lucy’s story I was focusing on, I really enjoyed seeing the other members of the book club’s stories come through as well. They were all really entrenched in Luna Bay life and knowing that their lives and journeys were so entwined with the village made the whole place seem so much more real and vibrant.

Real or fictional, settings are such an important part of a book. Whether it’s a busy city or a sleepy village, they provide a location for a reader to escape to. My hope is that everyone who reads The Broken Hearts Book Club finds Luna Bay an enchanting place to slip into.

Thank you Lynsey for being an awesome Author of the Week!  I’ve so enjoyed getting to know you and allowing my readers to get to know you and your fabulous new book!  I love how you describe creating Luna Bay!  It sounds like a place I could definitely enjoy spending some time in.  I do hope you’ll keep in touch and wish you the best of luck!




I'm happily married to my h.s. sweetheart. We have 3 kids (mostly teens, aahhh). I'm an aspiring chick lit author, book publicist, chick lit review blogger and an avid reader. I homeschool 3 kids, read 2-4 books a week and love interior design.

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