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Book Bloggers Supporting Book Bloggers – #BBSupportingBB

Audrey Hepburn was a British actress and humanitarian. Recognised as a film and fashion icon, Hepburn was active during Hollywood's Golden Age.

Hi all!  Today I want to chat about something that’s been bothering me.

‘Competitive Book Blogging’

‘I’ve never head of this’, you might be thinking and if you haven’t that makes me HAPPY!  No one should ever feel like they are less of a blogger because they’re new, they don’t post a lot, they don’t get the Best Selling Authors interaction, they don’t have many followers, yada, yada, yada.

I know I, for one, didn’t get into Book Blogging because I needed to be the best or the most popular.  I started my blog because of my love for books and writing.  It’s something I love and something I do a lot of (reading and writing).  I didn’t do it to make it a business or rise up and take over the world of blogging books.  (Like that will happen lol).  Not to mention the fact that I don’t have time for that (because I have kids, husband, pets, house and job).

I see so many bloggers who’s blogs are small, yet fabulous.  Blogs who are less outspoken than some, younger than some, older than some and have found blogs to specialize in genres that I didn’t even know existed – all fabulous.  That’s SO cool!  What an awesome way to find authors I’d never heard of than to read through other bloggers book blogs – not to mention, potential new friends who share an interest in books as well.

I actually witnessed not long ago a book blogger who was going to shut down her blog because the douche-wagon competitors had harassed her full force.  WHAT THE HELL?  Was my thought.  Why do we still have adult bullies?  If you are bullying another book blogger then YOU are the problem, not the blogger being harassed.

We’ve all had those doubts ‘am I good enough?’ ‘does anyone even read this?’ ‘why didn’t that author retweet?’ ‘I don’t have time to do this.’ ‘I’ve lost my drive’ ‘ how come this author seems friendly with these other bloggers and not me’. etc.  I know when I have these thoughts I wonder if I’m the only one, but I’m positive I’m not.

As book bloggers we share one giant similar interest, and that alone should make us all best friends forever.  Our blogs shouldn’t be the same, or competitive, we should be supporting each other and each others blogs and that’s just what I’m going to do.

Audrey Hepburn was a British actress and humanitarian. Recognised as a film and fashion icon, Hepburn was active during Hollywood's Golden Age.

On Tuesday nights from 6pm – 7pm PST on Twitter (@hellochicklit) I will be hosting a #BBSupportingBB chat.
Make sure you add the hashtag #BBSupportingBB so I can see your chatter!
You can discuss your issues, your questions, get support and hopefully make new friends!

Where: http://twitter.com/hellochicklit
When: Tuesday nights from 6pm – 7pm PST
Why: Because I want to support you!

If you run a Book Blog of any genres, I encourage you to join in… chat, and don’t be afraid of not being good enough, because YOU ARE!
This is NOT a place to pitch your blogs only, this is support and friendship for the amazing, new, loud, quiet, fun, boring, young and old book bloggers in the world.
Anyone who bullies, excludes or is a negative nelly towards another blogger, please rethink your attitude and come with an accepting and helpful point of view.  I admit, I’m not the best, the most experienced or the highest reigning blogger, and that’s ok!  We all need a little encouragement, advice or just chit chat to know we aren’t alone in this world of Book Blogging.

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Are you a book blogger?

Each Monday I will be doing a post with your #BookBlogging questions, concerns and ideas. And I’ll take some from the chats as well.

All genre book blogs accepted!

I’d love to feature your question, comment, concerns or ideas and will use your Blog Header & Link & basic blog info with your comment (if you want to be anonymous that’s ok too!) Email me at hellochicklit@gmail.com to be a part of this fabulous much needed movement!

Remember:  People are hard to read via emails, social media, text, whatever – never assume someone doesn’t like you because they aren’t overly friendly, opened with their life details, etc.  Some are busy, some have screaming toddlers or teens at their feet while responding and some have had trials in life we may not even be able to appreciate or understand.  We’re all people behind these blogs & social media accounts, with feelings and lives – be understanding and accepting and POLITE!

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