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Stuck with Me – Book Tour

Stuck With Me
By Author: Cassandra Piat
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Tour Date: November 24th, 2016


It was a relief to finally be home. I pushed the door open and switched on the lights. Everything was quiet, which meant that Zach was either working late again or sleeping over at his girl-of-the-moment’s place. He didn’t have time for a relationship because he was away so much, but that didn’t stop him from always having some girl or other on his arm when he was around. I loved teasing him about his sluttish ways, but knew that he was a real softie at heart.

I pulled a wine glass out of the kitchen cabinet, filled it to the brim and headed to the sofa where I settled myself down with a huge sigh. I took a sip of wine, closing my eyes and savouring the taste as it slid down my throat. I somehow always felt so vulnerable after seeing my mum. I took another deep breath. Positive thoughts, Molly, I urged myself. As I began to relax, it suddenly registered that I was off to Mauritius. My face broke into an ear-splitting grin as I cried out to the empty room, “I’m off to Mauritius on Monday! Woohoo-oo!

I bounced off the sofa, spilling half my glass of wine over the floor. “Oops!” I giggled, deciding to ignore the mess for now, and began dancing around the room, chanting at the top of my lungs, ‘I’m going to Mauritius, I’m going to Mauritius.’ Suddenly I froze. Zach was standing in the open doorway with a huge grin on his face, and next to him stood a gorgeous brunette, looking at me, mouth agape.

“You okay there, Mol? You don’t look too . . . er . . . sober,” he said, raising a teasing eyebrow.

“I’m not drunk!” I exclaimed. “I’m just very excited!”

“That, I can see.” He walked into the room. “And may I ask why?”

I won a trip to Mauritius!” I screeched, running towards him and jumping into his arms. The brunette watched us silently, eyes wide.

Zach hugged me back and chuckled. “That’s amazing! How—”

“I know! Totally amazing,” I replied, cutting him off as I pulled away from him. I opened my mouth to tell him about the competition when a thought crossed my mind.

Zach looked bemused as my mouth opened and closed. “What’s wrong?”

“Oh nooo! I don’t think I’ve got a decent bikini! I can’t go to Mauritius without a great bikini.” I turned on my heels and ran off. Zach’s laughter followed me to my room, making me laugh too. I’m pretty sure the gorgeous brunette rolled her eyes my way, but I so didn’t care, because I was going to Mauritius – and she wasn’t!

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About the Author:

cassandra-piatCassandra Piat


Cassandra Piat is a part-time English teacher and a full-time disorganised mother and housewife. She spends her life trying to remember not to forget the 101 things on her things-to-do list, but seems to fail spectacularly most of the time! Whenever she has some free time she’s either with her head in a book, watching a romantic comedy or writing her own romantic comedies. She is a huge fan of rom-com movies and chicklit books. She loves books that make her laugh and leave her with a warm and happy feeling. Some of her favourite authors include Cecelia Ahern, Jill Mansell & Judith Mc Naught.

She lives in Mauritius with her husband, who prefers TV to books, and her three children who keep her on her toes and don’t leave her much free time to sit down and write.

She published her first book What’s it Gonna be? in December 2014 and Stuck with Me is her second novel. She loves writing stories that take place on her beautiful tropical island of Mauritius and sharing the island life with her readers. She is currently writing her third book in her head and hopes that she will soon have time to get it down on paper.

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