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Hey, all!

I know, I know, I’ve been a tad absent lately. I apologize for that. Sometimes, as easy as blogging may seem, we bloggers get burnt out. Not only do we run blogs, but we often have jobs and families and a lot on our plates period.

I think for some us there are times where reading feels like another chore added to the list of ‘to-dos’. Even though we love reading there are times where everything we read just isn’t jiving with us and that is so frustrating. Mostly it’s frustrating because you don’t quite know where your reading love went and you still love reading but yet you just can’t commit to any book you open. Nothing seems to appease your reading appetite, even though it should. The books I’m reading aren’t bad, by any means they just aren’t grabbing me like I’d hope.

I often spend 6-10 hours a week reading at the minimum but lately, I haven’t done even 2 or 3 hours. A lot of things play into it for me right now. We’ve had some ‘family’ stresses, nothing serious but enough to cause some headaches. I’ve recently finished my own book and through editing, beta readers and pitching publisher I often find myself not wanting to write or read any more than I already have. America is a mess right now, and I admit, even just thinking about what is happening within our government gives me a bit of anxiety. I’m both mesmerized and terrified by the actions of our new ‘President’ and unsure where this all may lead.

Then there is the coming up with unique posts. As I’m sure you all know I can be a little ‘bitchy’ lol which I love. However, I’ve had a hard time coming up with subjects I can write more than just a few paragraphs about that are book/reading related. I’ve spent some time trying to overcome that and luckily for you Feb is full of new, unique bookish posts that I hope you enjoy.

Have ideas you’d like to see on HelloChickLit? Please let me know in the comments or by my contact me page. I love reader input!

I’m going to try changing up my genres read more often and see if that helps me move into a new reading direction. Sometimes, I think reading basically the same ‘story’ over can over can bring a reader down.

I’ve also decided to start choosing my own books for review. I’m no longer taking requests and from here on out I’ll get my books from NetGalley or Amazon. One thing I love about blogging is discovering new authors and new stories. Browsing Amazon and NetGalley bring me so much joy I sometimes can’t even contain it.

Does that mean I have given up? Of course not. I love reading and I especially love finding that book that excites me in the first chapter and spending the whole afternoon ignoring all my wifely and motherly duties to finish the book. It just makes my heart smile. I’m not sure how to get out of the reading rut I’ve fallen into but until I do I just want to apologize for the lack of reviews.

I am attempting a new book this afternoon and my fingers are crossed that this will be the one to suck me back into my love for reading.

If you’re a book blogger what do you do to try and get out of a slump?

If you’re an author check out my ‘review request‘ page and sign up for your author promo post. I’d love to feature you and your fabulous book(s).



I'm happily married to my h.s. sweetheart. We have 3 kids (mostly teens, aahhh). I'm an aspiring chick lit author, book publicist, chick lit review blogger and an avid reader. I homeschool 3 kids, read 2-4 books a week and love interior design.

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