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Happy New Year, all!

I’m sure you’ve noticed some changes on the site, in the form of not much posting. We’ve had a bit of a rocky start to the New Year and I’m hoping in the upcoming months things settle down a bit.

A lot of those changes are personal, business, illness, you name it, it’s happening recently. Kind of a Y in the road of life you could say, with some hazard signage thrown in that you can’t seem to escape. I’m sure you are all nodding your heads, knowing exactly the type of road I’m speaking of. Life gets complicated at times, for everyone.

Because of these ‘complications’ I’ve decided to change things on the blog a bit. What’s changing and why? I’m so glad you asked!

-Blog Tours will only be offered to clients who have used me previously. 
(See HCL Author Services page for info)


Blog Tours have changed recently and through my research here is what I’ve found:
-Authors are disappointed that Blog Tours don’t up their sales. (new post on this 01.16.17)
-There are Blog Tour companies out there disappointing authors with high dollar tours which turns them off any tours because of their previous bad experience.
-Less and less tour hosts are signing up for tours. I’m unsure why this one is happening but there has been a huge decline in the last 4 months.
-Too many hosts are flaking on posting being up on time or at all. This is a BIG deal for tour companies and can actually put us out of business very quickly.
-Unrealistic expectations from selective authors. This is frustrating because a LOT of work goes into tours that authors may not see, which is why the good tour companies/author assists charge and don’t do this for free. We spend hours on this normally for maybe $2-$3 an hour after all is said and done. If we charge more we won’t get business either so… it’s a fine line between a rock and a hard place.

-My Promo Package will still be offered to anyone who orders it (genres listed)
(See HCL Author Services page for info)


This was my best selling package and I feel it’s the most bang for an authors buck. It’s a small block of time sitting at the computer that I can manage right now. I enjoy doing this one, and I feel like this package makes the most difference even over tours.

-My Author of the Week will be cut until further notice.


It takes a LOT of time, a lot of hounding some authors for things I need and unfortunately I’ve burnt out on it a bit. I’ve not got the time it takes to continue this feature at this moment but I do hope to bring it back in the spring.

-I will only take review ‘requests’ from authors I’ve previously reviewed for. All other reviews will be of my own choosing.


I’ve noticed the ‘following of review policies’ has become a thing of the past. No one can read, or maybe they just don’t care and my inbox is filled daily with 95% requests for books I don’t take and maybe 5% of books I do accept.

I’ve had a bit of burn out and reading has become not fun when I’m ‘expected’ to do it. I find I dread knowing I have a review due and delete most of the requests just to avoid the ‘did you read it?’ & ‘when will your review of my book be up?’. I’m a mother of 3 teens, that I homeschool, I’ve got household duties, wifely duties and I’m publishing my first book. It seems blogging has become a bit of a ‘job’ and I don’t want that.

-I will be participating in more Promotional posts than reviews.


It’s what I have time for right now. If your book matches the genres of my blog I will gladly schedule you for an interview, guest post or excerpt post just email over a request for one of those specifically to hellochicklit@gmail.com – I’m now scheduling for the last half of January and Febuary so grab your spot today.

-I will be blogging more at WordsWithAimee.com about my life, my writing, and my upcoming novel release.


I’ve finished my first novel and need to build up my own reader audience. It’s a lot of work as many of you know. If you’ve got advice for an author just starting her own reader following I’d love to hear it in the comments below!

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I'm happily married to my h.s. sweetheart. We have 3 kids (mostly teens, aahhh). I'm an aspiring chick lit author, book publicist, chick lit review blogger and an avid reader. I homeschool 3 kids, read 2-4 books a week and love interior design.

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